Ames Molecular Spectroscopic Data For Astrophysical And Atmospheric Studies: NH3 (Ammonia)

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Reliable NH3 Rovibrational Energy Levels Computed on HSL-2 and HSL-Pre3 Potential Energy Surfaces

Last Data Update: 08/14/2015

The HSL-Pre3 potential energy surface refinement and results acquired on HSL-Pre3 were reported in:

        Extended line positions, intensities, empirical lower state energies and quantum assignments of NH3 from 6300 to 7000 cm-1
        Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, Volume 113, Issue 11, July 2012, Pages 1066-1083
        Keeyoon Sung, Linda R. Brown, Xinchuan Huang, David W. Schwenke, Timothy J. Lee, Stephen L. Coy, Kevin K. Lehmann

The HSL-2 potential energy surface refinement and results are reported in

        Rovibrational spectra of ammonia. I. Unprecedented accuracy of a potential energy surface used with nonadiabatic corrections
        Xinchuan Huang, David W. Schwenke and Timothy J. Lee, J. Chem. Phys. 134, 044320 (2011);

        Rovibrational spectra of ammonia. II. Detailed analysis, comparison, and prediction of spectroscopic assignments for 14NH3,15NH3, and 14ND3
        Xinchuan Huang, David W. Schwenke and Timothy J. Lee, J. Chem. Phys. 134, 044321 (2011);

HSL-2 based results:

        14NH3 Levels (J=0-8,explicitly assigned up to 7000 cm-1)   and  15NH3 Levels (J=0-7,not explicitly assigned)
        Compare HSL-Pre3, HSL-2 and UCL(BYTE/HITRAN) levels: J=0-7
        Compare 14NH3 and 15NH3 levels: J=0-6 (a few bands, all based on HSL-2)

HSL-Pre3 based results:

        14NH3 Levels   and   15NH3 Levels   (J=0-10, complete, >8000 cm-1, not explicitly assigned --- disabled on 06/24/2018)
        HITRAN2012 14NH3 J=0-10 line positions and energies, compare to HSL-Pre3 results  List of Agreements   List of Discrepancies
        14NH3 J=0-10 Level Comparison:  HITRAN2012 vs. HSL-Pre3


Data from 11/13/2012 (combine UCL list with Ames levels)



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